ID 公司名称 职衔 要求 申请
1253T JobResearch Scientists (Based in China) Qualified individuals should have a PhD degree in biological sciences with at least one year’s postdoctoral experience., Industry experience is not required., These individuals must be willing to learn drug discovery technologies to contribute to the overall success of our research organization., Excellent english in both verbal and written, 1、具有生物科学相关专业博士学位,一年以上博士后经验; 2、热爱研发工作,立志于在药物研发领域发展自己,为公司整个研发团队的成功贡献力量; 3、熟练掌握实验室常用仪器设备的各项操作技能,动手能力强,并有较强的计划能力; 4、具有高度责任心和刻苦专研的精神,良好的团队协作精神,能承受较大的工作压力; 5、精通英语,能够进行英语对话交流。
1243T JobDirectors in Drug Discovery (Based in China) Qualified individuals should have a PhD in biological sciences or chemistry with at least 5 years’ principal investigator experience in academia or the biopharmaceutical industry., Demonstrated leadership experience in biological research or drug discovery as well as a good track record of productivity in one of the above disciplines is required., A good publication record is preferred., Excellent English in both verbal and written., 1、新陈代谢疾病、肿瘤、单克隆抗体技术、化学合成相关专业博士学位; 2、在所从事的专业领域有至少5年以上做学术或项目带头人的经验; 3、有独立领导研发团队的管理经验,并在所从事的专业领域有一定专业成果; 4、有发表高质量学术论文经历的后选人优先考虑; 5、精通英语,能够用英语进行对话交流。
1233T JobChief Scientific Officer (Based in China) This individual must have a PhD in biological sciences with more than 10 years’ experience in the international biotech or pharmaceutical industry with demonstrated ability to lead drug discovery programs, which must be evidenced by accomplishments of advancing molecules to clinical studies., Experience of managing large groups in the industry or large drug discovery and development programs is required., This individual must have an established reputation in the industry or academic setting with a strong record of productivity and publications., Excellent English in both verbal and written., 1、生物科学相关专业博士学位; 2、在国际性生物技术企业或制药行业有10年以上的从业经验; 3、有独立开发新药的能力(可提供把自行研制的药物分子推进到临床阶段的成功案例); 4、具备在制药行业管理大型研发团队或大型制药项目的经验; 5、在制药界或学术界领域内有一定声望,并取得众多成果、业绩或发表过大量学术论文; 6、精通英语,能够用英语进行对话交流。
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