Vision : To be preferred Global Recruiting & Headhunting Partner, Technical Project Management & Staff Outsourcing by providing Professional Service with Business Consultation.

3T has the mission of ensuring candidate or solution recommended for Client can impact the business positively and he/ she has a successfully career.

“Attracting top-notch talent is key in continuing to deliver superior returns for our investors.” - John Howe


If your business is highly successful and needs to grow, recruitment will be a prime driver of growth; the capacity to get the right skills in the right place at the right time at the right salaries will determine the capacity to keep up with, or drive, the growth curve.  If your business hires the wrong people, loses more people than it hires and is unable to get them to deliver what’s needed, then high volumes of recruitment can be a symptom of a wider problem. 


Our Client comes to us for our: Deep appreciation and understanding to individual organizational culture.  Analysis the problem area realistically and solve it practically.  Regardless of insourcing and outsourcing solution, we ensure effective access to the potential qualified candidates in 3T Talent Bank.  Strong Industrial and Technological knowledge in different Market that deliver best Tactic in each assignment.

If you are searching for Senior Management, Technical & Niche Skilled Talent,  3T has the resources to hunt for the correct Talent to fill up all your vacancies for different levels, which requires tedious well done work in shortest time.

Client, we commit our professional expertise, time and responsibility to ensure prompt competent scouting, selection of perfect candidate in Globe to cope with business performance and maximizing "Return on Talent Investment".

Job Seeker, we commit our service level not just for matching a job but the assurance of better choice and bright career in the Global Job Market.

3T provides comprehensive Headhunting and Globabl Recruitment Consultation to Client and Candidate.