The costs of poor recruitment


Most organizations perceive recruitment as ’high cost’.  Few see it as a good investment in the way that many see learning and development, research and development or business pro less re-engineering.  It is easy to spend significant money on recruitment with little return, as recruiting poorly will both provide a low return and lead to increased costs.  The challenges is to make the money spent worthwhile and make sure it works.  The risk-reward balance will be increased by harnessing each of the four areas of recruitment and talent management which are recruitment, assessment, engagement and retention.


As such, how can 3T Consulting survive in this competitive time-constraint Talent War? We do simply winning Client and Talent by applying our 3Ts - Trust, Transparency and Tact in getting the right Talent in the shortest time.

Most employers recognize that when a task is key to the success of the firm, an expert is required.  The three ‘R’s - recruiting, retraining and retention, of high-calibre, well-

motivated staff - is the main differentiator of good workplaces, so when it comes to attracting and successfully recruiting the right people expertise is sought.  Good candidates always have a choice.  As professional recruitment consultants,  leave nothing to chance, controlling the process from start to finish, saving management time and ensuring that business downtime is minimized.


Not just using all means to creat candidate attraction but candidate management.  Good and qualified candidates are always busy with work and not intend to expose to the job market.  We have to dig it from potential pool.  Though we have entire understanding the job behind the description and exactly what the Manager needs to make his Department more profitable.  It means finding out what the difficulties.  Working fast, making sure we understand the job before we do anything else.  Making sure we have the right resources.  Making sure the candidates are completely prepared for the interview.  Making sure the candidate is the solution to the Manager’s problem.


Winning the right Talent is not the end of a search but the start of another fine tuning exploration!

How to attract Talent, keeping Talent, managing Talent, and identifying Talent

Attracting Talent
Talents work for the joy of work.  They need to be compensated commensurate with their contributions.  Compensation is a tangible measure of how the organization values their contribution, not fluff. “Thank you” and compliments are nice but meaningless measures.
Most companies can’t recruit Talented people fast enough.  This Talent shortage is the biggest obstacle to growth, and overcoming it can mean a huge strategic advantage. But money alone won’t do it, respecting them can help.
If Talented people do not feel that they will be well compensated for their contributions, they will seek opportunities elsewhere and find other better options.
Keeping Talents

To keep Talents happy, treat them like customers. Talents are restless and mobile. Successful organizations do not take the loyalty of Talented people for granted.  They constantly try to recruit and keep them and have think tanks at every level.
No matter economy is booming or downsizing, there is still no equilibrium in Talent supply. Securing the right Talent in fastest time is crucial.

Our Professional Team offers Consultation for Technical, Niche Skill and Executive Search Solution.

In Hiring and Recruitment, 3T needs to identify the skills required for certain jobs and then use these skills in sourcing and screening Talents as well as planning, training and development, compensation, and job assignments. 

You are recommended to review and examine Internal Human Resources such as current workloads.  What are the Corporate priorities and timelines?  Identify the skills sets required for permanent and/or direct, indirect contract staff under an outsourcing arrangement.  Do internal employees have the necessary expertise?

How and in which way can make use of external Talent Management partner, what are the capabilities of her?

3T provides the following Services in APAC,

‧ Headhunting Assignment
‧ Contingency Placement
‧ Contractual Placement
‧ Management/ Technology Consultation and other bespoke Services
‧ Recruitment Process Outsourcing
‧ Candidate Job Searching Consultation 
‧ Candidate Coaching/ Mentoring Service

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