3T Consulting works with Technical and HR experts to design, develop, implement and coach in alternate function for the Financial Services, IT and Telecomm Industry, Electrical & Electronics Manufacturer, Retail & Event, Supply Chain & Logistics.

We are pleased to offer Consulting Service for Individual and Corporation to apply the appropriate Strategy by either and/or mix of Insourcing or Outsourcing.  In this ongoing Business War & unstable Economy, recruiting and retaining good employee are two major factors in a successful organization.  In order to stay competitive in the industry, choosing or outsourcijg to a reliable partner of different function is crucial!

As we notice there are more candidates approaching us to give them advice and hints to look for better job or career in this fast moving economy, job market.  We are open to have collabration with other practitioners to provide more job opportunity.  Besides, we are prepared to provide private and in-depth consultation to indivudal for job searching stratey.

For any of above, please email us at: 3t@3t-consulting.com This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Our mission to offer beyond IT, Recruiting and Technical Consultation with the aim of improving and upgrading the scale, margain, performance of the Business.  


3T Consulting has been actively providing Talent or related Services for the following functions.

‧ Marketing & Sales
‧ Testing & Quality 
‧ Engineering & Manufacturing
‧ Legal & Compliance
‧ Logistics & Supply Chain
‧ Information Technology
‧ Operations & Administration
‧ Finance & Accounting  
‧ Human Resources